Social Reproduction or Social Mobility: Class, Race, and Ethnography in Schools
Investigating the role that social class and race play in society is a concern dominating studies in the fields of sociology, anthropology, and education. Despite the persistent narrative of the American Dream and the commitment to education’s role in mitigating inequality, qualitative research in school settings has offered tremendous insight on how social class might be reproduced and the role that schools play in this process. This course actively investigates theories of social class and reproduction through the lens of ethnographies of school sites, including the relationship with racial dynamics.

We will bring our own experiences and perspectives to class discussions, allowing us to learn about, respect, and understand the impact of class and race, in schools. We will speak, write, create, and revise individually and collaboratively across written, verbal, and visual languages. We will understand what’s at stake in society, and recognize the true power that we each hold when we challenge and critique the status quo, while envisioning a more equitable future.

This course is composition intensive and co-constructed with learning community members. Assignments include small group responsibilities; reflective/analytical pieces; and a final research presentation.