Writing is central to the liberal arts college experience, and Haverford students should expect to write extensively during college. Most social science and humanities courses assess learning primarily through written work, and strong writing skills are key to performing well in math and natural science courses as well. Thus, the primary goal of these Writing Workshops is to help students better understand, plan for, and manage the transition to college-level writing. Our aim is to contribute to the growth of each student as an experienced, confident, engaged, and successful academic writer.

We will work towards this goal in a variety of ways. Each week in our Writing Workshop, we will deepen and refine students’ understanding of different elements of academic writing, and explore strategies for managing the writing process successfully. Each student will also discuss drafts of their writing for their current writing-intensive classes in two individual Writing Center conferences per week with staff from the Haverford College Writing Center.


Students will:
• Gain additional practice in writing and revising college-level essays;
• Receive detailed feedback on their writing, and learn how to use that feedback to improve future drafts of the assignment;
• Augment and refine their “tool box” of writing skills, and gain experience applying these skills to increasingly difficult writing assignments;
• Grow as active, critical readers, writers, and analyzers of challenging academic subject matter;
• Learn how to use the Writing Center frequently and well;
• Work towards lengthening and strengthening their writing processes;
• Practice the time management skills required to meet challenging deadlines;
• Explore connections between academic writing and academic speaking;
• Practice presenting their own academic work for the Symposium during week 5;
• Participate in co-creating a supportive, intellectually stimulating, discussion-based classroom community and a positive atmosphere for learning.